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Child Abuse Assessment


Are you concerned about whether or not a particular form of discipline is considered "child abuse?" Whether you are trying to make a decision about how to discipline your own children or how someone else disciplines their's...this assessment can help clinicians determine whether or not Child Protective Services should be involved. All assessments are completely confidential. No identifying information is collected, so no mandated reporting requirements apply to us. Simply purchase this item and click on the "contact me" tab or the link that becomes available upon completion of your transaction. In the "comments" section, describe the disciplinary action that is in question and the behavior it is intended to change. For example, you might say, "Spanking to stop a child from refusing to follow directions." The response will include whether or not the discipline is reportable and a suggested alternative strategy the parent can employ to resolve the behavioral problem.

  PLEASE NOTE : Do not include specific information about yourself, the child or the person who is disciplining the child. I AM a mandated reporter of child abuse. If I suspect that a specific child is being abused by a specific person, I am required by law to report it...and I will. This product is designed to PREVENT child abuse by educating parents and clinicians about alternatives that will work to change unwanted behaviors.

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