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Quick Parenting Solutions


Need a quick solution to an ongoing frustration? The following is a list of behavioral problems that parents commonly struggle with. For $5 each, you wil receive a brief, solution focused parenting strategy and several possible causes for these issues. As new strategies become available, they will be added to this list. Be sure to contact me ntactme.htm   with your selection. To request more than one strategy, use the quantity section and include the titles of each when you complete the "contact me" format.

1. Lying

2. Hygiene Issues

   a. Won't bathe

   b. Won't brush teeth

   c. Soiling of underclothes

3. Chores

4. Hoarding Food

5. Refusing to Eat

6. Bedtime Problems

   a. Won't go to bed

   b. Won't stay in bed

   c. Wetting the bed

   d. Nightmares

7. Messy Room



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